A.H.M. Engineering Co, Ltd

Founded in 1996, A.H.M. Engineering Co, Ltd has since established a solid reputation for entertainment production. An unflagging commitment to customer service has driven our rapid rise in the entertainment industry, and continues to foster our reputation for excellence.

At the helm of the company’s operations is a strong team of well-trained professionals, led by our Managing Director, Mr Mazon Chan Muk Hing. Mr Chan offers an impressive track record as the top Sound Engineer in Hong Kong, earned during his two decades of experience in the field. His formidable grasp of the industry, and his management and technical expertise have spearheaded many of the company’s achievements. Under his leadership, our team of sound and lighting technicians – some with over ten years of experience – continues to build on current accomplishments, and to uphold the company’s unparalleled standards of product and service excellence.

Over the years, we’ve already built up a strong portfolio of dedicated customers, and enjoyed a lion’s share of both large and small-scale projects.

We’ve invested over 30 million dollars in the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, and as we move into the 21st century and beyond, we will continue to embrace new technologies and techniques to augment existing services. It is this commitment that has helped build our impressive project portfolio.

Our range of services include:

  • Design of lighting and audio engineering services for events (such as indoor/outdoor events, private functions, concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, awards presentations ceremony, press conferences etc)
  • Set-up and operation of lighting and audio systems
  • Design and installation of lighting and audio systems in various venues (including halls, theaters, coliseums) in Hong Kong, the PRC and Overseas locations
  • Supply of engineering services for special effects and stage effects
  • Provision of a 2,000 sq ft professional rehearsal studio for artistic performance practices
  • Sales of lighting and audio equipment, special effects and accessories

Trading Business

        On top of the traditional project-based business, AHM has currently expanded our trading and installation business, selling a wide range of audio, lighting & video equipment, special effects and accessories. In addition, we do installation projects for stadiums, theatres, convention halls, schools, shopping malls, hotels etc.